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How Clogged Gutters Impact Your Home

Don’t Let Your Home Fall to Water Damage

Major damage can occur to your Little Rock home if it lacks proper water management from a high-quality gutter system. In fact, this damage can be so severe that it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Of these damages, foundation damage would definitely rank as the most troublesome as it can greatly affect your home’s structural integrity. Unfortunately, the costly damage isn’t just found in the foundation. There are a several other issues that can arise from having ineffective gutters, some of which can be just as damaging and expensive. At Royal Windows & More, our primary goal is to protect your home from the damages that can occur from rainwater. It’s for this reason that we carry a high-quality gutter system that helps you avoid the expenses of repairing major damages.

The Effects of Clogged Gutters:

  • Basement Flooding: Pooling water around the base of your home can leak into your basement by seeping through cracked walls, bad window seals, or other openings. This issue leads to the growth of mold and mildew as well as many other types of water damage.
  • Foundation Damage: This type of damage occurs when water is allowed to pool at the base of your home. The water saturates the soil to the point of expansion, putting large amounts of stress on the foundation. This causes cracks to form, which can also lead to leaks in your basement. The foundation also destabilizes when the surrounding soil dries.
  • Erode Landscaping: The constant overflow and runoff of water subjects your landscape to erosion. This not only looks bad, it also destabilizes the ground and foundation on which your home sits.
  • Ice Dams: These are likely to form when water is unable to properly run off of your roof. Clogged gutters, in particular, are bad about blocking the water that is trying to run off the roof in freezing temperatures. This will form ice dams at the point of obstruction, which can be very damaging to your shingles and void their warranty.
  • Wood Rot: Damage to your fascia board and behind your home’s siding can occur due to ineffective gutters. Wood rot occurs from constant exposure to overflowing water.

Protect Your Little Rock Home a Gutter Installation

The dangers of not having gutters protecting your home are imminent and very costly, which is why they are such a wise investment for any homeowner to make. The gutter systems we carry at Royal Windows & More are designed to make sure that your Little Rock home remains safe from the effects of damaging water. Additionally, we offer our gutter systems in a variety of beautiful colors that allow you to coordinate them with your gorgeous home. Our expert installers do a wonderful job of making sure that your home remains in excellent condition with the exceptional performance of our gutter system. Don’t let your home fall victim significant water damage this year, instead, contact us about our efficient gutter system.

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