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Energy Efficient Windows from Royal Windows and More

Replace your energy wasting windows now and start saving money!

If you are looking for new windows, Royal Windows and More not only has a great selection, but all of our windows are energy efficient. Whether you need a bay window, bow, double hung, or any of our other window choices, you can feel confident they are durable and long lasting. Our ThermoKing Windows are made in our very own factory, and our ThermoKing Plus glass is coated with Low-E saving you energy dollars. Royal’s windows are Energy Star certified which means they will pay for themselves over time with lower energy bills.

ThermoKing Window Features

  • Low E
  • ThermoKing Plus Glass
  • Keeps carpet from fading
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Made in Our Factory
  • Keeps Home Comfortable

Our windows are durable, beautiful and won’t peel, crack, warp or rot! Plus they block harmful UV rays, which keeps your carpet from fading, but still allows natural light to heat your home in the winter, so your heat and air unit doesn’t have to work as hard. Our professional installers are trained in our factory to make sure your windows fit perfectly. The air tight installations keep the outside air where it belongs OUT! Saving you more energy dollars and making your home more comfortable by eliminating those cold uncomfortable drafts. When you choose energy efficient windows from Royal Windows and More, you know you will save money on your energy bills.

Royal Your Professional Window Contractors

Not all replacement windows are the same. If you buy the cheapest replacement windows, they may cost you elsewhere, in maintenance and energy bills. Royal believes in bringing high quality products at fair and honest prices, so you can rely on our ThermoKing Windows to stand up to all seasons for years to come. Start saving on maintenance and energy costs today! Contact us for a free estimate today by calling 1.800.760.1419 or completing our on-line quote request form.

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