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Avoid Foundation Damage with a Gutter System

Prevent Damage to Your Home’s Structure Integrity

One of the greatest threats to your Little Rock home’s structural integrity are a lack of or inefficient gutters. You can easily avoid very costly foundation damage by having a high-quality gutter system installed. If you know anything about homes, then you understand the importance of the foundation. If your home’s foundation is compromised in any way, then so is the integrity of the entire structure. Knowing this, many homeowners do their best to make sure that their Little Rock homes are fit with high-quality water management systems. Unfortunately, there are some that don’t quite understand a gutter system’s importance. That’s why the experts at Royal Windows & More are here to help you understand how foundation damage can occur from unmanaged water.

Water Damage: Destroying Foundations Everywhere

Your home’s foundation is in terrible danger if you lack high-quality gutters or your gutters are clogged. Runoff water can affect your Little Rock home’s foundation in several ways, some as consequence to the others. First off, when rainwater is allowed to pool at the base of your home, it saturates the soil and causes it to expand. This results in a large amount of stress pressing against the walls of your foundation since the expanding soil has nowhere else to go. The walls of your foundation and even your basement floor begin to crack as the soil pushes against your foundation.

Pooling water also causes a slow erosion of the walls, which leads to cracks and leaks as well. When the moisture finally evaporates or flows away, the soil and surrounding areas become displaced. This results in your foundation settling, shifting, or even sinking. These severe effects greatly compromise the structural integrity of your home, which becomes evident as bows and cracks appear in your walls. Your home also becomes subjected to mold and mildew growth, basement flooding, and other issues.

Prevent Foundation Damage with Gutter Systems

Make sure your home’s structural integrity is protected by our high-quality gutter systems so you never have to worry about it collapsing in on you. The water management systems we carry at Royal Windows & More eliminate the possibility of foundation damage due to constant exposure to runoff water. We’ve made it a mission to protect your home from damaging rainwater by keeping it flowing far from your home’s foundation. Don’t subject yourself to costly repairs brought on by foundation damage, instead, contact us to schedule your free consultation or installation of our gutter system.

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