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Metal Roofing: Beauty of Tradition & Strength of Steel

Have Beauty & Strength with Metal Roofing

One of the major drawbacks to metal roofing had been their industrious appearance, however, that is no longer a concern with the recent introduction of stone-coating. At Royal Windows & More, we carry a brand of metal roofing coated in natural stone materials that simulates the look of traditional roofing materials. This means that you can finally have the strong beauty of classic roof stylings combined with the enduring quality and strength of a metal roof. In short, our stone-coated metal roofing eliminates any concerns that existed regarding the beauty they can bring to your Little Rock home. In addition to their qualities of beauty and strength, our metal roofs also do their part in preserving the environment and making your home more energy efficient.

Advantages of Stone-Coated Metal Roofs:

  • Stone-Coated Beauty: The beauty of traditional roofing materials can finally be had with the implementation of natural stone-coatings. Additionally, we have a variety of colors available to add on to the customizable beauty of our metal roofs.
  • Strength of Steel: The greatest advantage of metal roofing has always been found in its strength. The superior strength of steel does more to protect your home than the most durable of other shingle roofing products.
  • Incredible Durability: The enduring lifespan of our metal roofing makes it a must have for those that ant to enjoy over 50 years high-quality roofing on their Little Rock home.
  • High Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs enhance the energy efficiency of homes by providing a more resistant material to heat transfer through use of stone-coating that has a higher value of reflectivity. Additionally, it can be installed directly over your existing roof, which will provide an extra layer of installation.
  • Stylish Profiles: We’ve several roofing profiles available for Little Rock homeowners. These stylish profiles include tile, shingle, and shake, each of which has a more distinguished counterpart such as our Shingle XD.

Arkansas’ Trusted Source for Metal Roofing

The metal roofing installations we perform on Little Rock homes are of the highest quality. At Royal Windows & More, we make sure to employ only the most qualified and experienced installers in the region. It’s due to our expertise and quality in all aspects of home remodeling that we have become one of Arkansas’ most trusted sources for home improvements. Now is the time for you to take advantage of one of the strongest roofing materials available by having it installed on your Little Rock home. Get started today by contacting us to schedule your very own free consultation.

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