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There are three main reasons why you need to replace your old, leaky, inefficient windows. New, energy efficient windows not only boost your curb appeal but they also give a fantastic ROI, (return on investment.) A recent Cost vs. Value Report (a combined effort by Remodeling magazine and REALTOR® magazine), calculated that the average homeowner can expect to recoup about 93% percent of their investment in vinyl replacement windows.

Homeowners should think of replacement windows as a big investment in the value of their home too. The windows quickly add value to your home. This is important if your home is sold in the future. Plus, Energy Star replacement windows help to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. As long as you choose Energy Star replacement windows, you will save a great deal on your energy bills. Replacement windows that are certified with the Energy Star label are much more efficient at keeping the cold air of the winter or the hot air of the summer, out of your home. It’s common to see your heating/cooling costs drop as much as 20% a month. This can add up to a very sizable amount over a year.

Another great benefit of investing in quality replacement windows is security. Those living in older houses with wood windows complain about broken latches and locks. This is unsafe and might require total window replacement for safety and security reasons.

There is an almost endless choice of styles, materials and colors to choose from that will effortlessly match the design of your home. Plus, did I mention that good quality windows are super easy to keep clean? Gone are the days of spending all day scrubbing your windows, only to have them still look dirty. Materials used today are virtually maintenance free. Meaning if you can hose them off every five or six months,  they will look like you just had them installed.

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