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Just like when shopping for new replacement windows, when shopping for a new metal roof, there are a ton of options! If you’ve decided that the measly 10-15 year life of a traditional asphalt roof isn’t for you, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make! If the thought of a Metal roof sounds good to you, you’re about to make a really smart decision. However, you still need to decide what type of metal roof will be the best option for you! Choices include, Metal shingle, metal tile, metal shake, vertical seam, stone-coated, etc. let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

To start, Metal shakes actually look very similar to cedar shakes. You’ve got all the beauty of wood with all the durability of metal. Metal shakes are typically manufactured from gauge steel, aluminum. Some definite disadvantages is that the initial cost of metal is higher than other roofing materials. However, many experts in the industry believe that if you invest in a metal roof, it will be the last roof you will ever need.

Metal Shingles work well if you are going for that classic, traditional look. Many homeowners with brick or colonial homes choose Metal shingles for that traditional look that blends with the neighborhood. A definite advantage is that most metal shingles come painted with premium paint, so color choices are endless. Plus, this type of metal roof is less expensive to install compared to other metal roofs. A disadvantage is that metal, whatever the style is more expensive compared to other materials.

Metal Tile is a great option that is a lot lighter than other metal roofs. This type of metal roof is inspired by the look of Mediterranean tiles so you have to love that look to appreciate this roofing option. Like other metal roofs, Metal Tile is also incredibly durable and hail and fire resistant. Not many disadvantages to consider except that again metal costs more than traditional roofing materials. Plus, this particular style may not appeal to every buyer if you ever decide to sell your home.

Vertical Seam is a very popular Metal Roof. This type of metal roof gives off a very clean and contemporary look. Vertical seam is a very good choice because it compliments and coordinates with most all home styles. Another advantage of this particular roof is its durability. These roofs are built to last and they will not rust or fade! A disadvantage to this particular metal roof is that it is not a good match for homes with flatter roofs.

Another metal roofing style that’s gaining in popularity is the Stone Coated Metal Roof. This type of metal roof actually imitates the look of clay, slate or shingle. A big advantage of this particular roof is that it doesn’t age! It will continue to look new for years to come without lifting a finger. In fact, it will not crack, warp, curl, split or break, it is also resistant to heavy rains and freezes. Like other metal roofs, it is tested to easily handle wind speeds up to 120 mph. A disadvantage is price, but when you consider that it will most likely be the last roof you will ever have to invest in, it definitely makes sense.

You can see that there are definitely a lot of choices when considering a metal roof. Here at Royal Windows and More, we only put our respected name on the very best. Our Certain Teed Residential metal roofs are the best in the industry. We back them up with a very strong warranty. We’d love nothing more than to come out and meet you and show you our unbeatable Certain Teed Residential Metal Roofing product.

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