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If you are tired of worrying about your shingles flying off during a bad storm, updating your asphalt roof is in order. An asphalt shingle roof will only last a mere 10-15 years before you need to replace it. If this reality has you scratching your head, you need to consider the many benefits of metal roofs. Aside from strength and beauty, there are so many other benefits to investing in a good, solid metal roof. Here at Royal Windows & More, we carry the very best. Our Decra metal roofs are among the best in the industry.

They provide your home with the sturdy protection of high-quality metal, which means that you get resistance to impacts, wind, and other damaging elements. Additionally, our metal roofs are designed to last up to at least 50 years, potentially making it the last roof you’ll ever have to invest in. Now is the time to stop living with the idea of having to replace your roof every 10 years or buying new shingles every time a strong storm blows through.

Strong winds up to 140 miles per hours, hail and heavy snow are no match for our roof. Our roofing will also not deteriorate or show any signs of sun damage. Unlike asphalt, our metal roof seals out water and is resistant to fire, mildew and mold. While these are all incredibly important benefits, the energy efficiency of our metal roof is a huge plus! Not only will you enjoy an incredibly durable roof that you never have to think about, you will save energy dollars. Even better, you will enjoy a comfortable house all year long! Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, we would love to come out and talk with you about how our metal roofing system can increase the beauty of your home. Ask around, if it has the Royal name on it, there’s none better!


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