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If you don’t care for the way your home looks from the curb, a high-quality vinyl siding is a great investment. Keep in mind that there are high-quality products and there are some inferior products that try to lure homeowners in based on their low price. If you fall into the trap of purchasing low-quality at lower prices, then you will be sorry because these products do not perform in the way they are supposed to! The key to getting a high-quality vinyl siding is choosing an experienced and respected company that only carries the very best products. Here at Royal Windows & More, we have been serving our customers with the highest quality windows, siding, roofing, and more for years.

Our vinyl siding is among the very best you will find on the market today! It is the highly acclaimed CertainTeed Monogram Siding! Not many companies carry this respected product but we are proud to say that we here at Royal, are your exclusive five-star dealer for CertainTeed Monogram Siding. Its superiority in the siding industry has earned the number one ranking by Consumer Reports.

There are many benefits of our CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, including the fact that it is practically maintenance free. It also includes an unbeatable insulating technology that will save you a great deal on your energy bills each and every month. The performance of our siding will make it the catalyst in keeping your home comfortable all year long! It is the very best at keeping outside air where it belongs, out of your home and outdoors!

The design of our siding ensures its solid construction and quality performance. It is extremely thick and designed to handle strong winds without difficulty, as well as very attractive. It actually looks a great deal like freshly painted cedar without giving you the upkeep and other problems associated with cedar. If you truly want a high-quality siding that will keep your home comfortable, is practically maintenance free, and will really step up your home’s curb appeal, our vinyl siding is the perfect product for you!

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