3 Popular Types of Vinyl Siding to Transform Your Curb Appeal

3 Popular Types of Vinyl Siding to Transform Your Curb Appeal

Vinyl siding is an incredible exterior upgrade that can completely transform your curb appeal. Known for its exquisite selection in colors and styles, these are 3 popular types of vinyl siding that make quite the impression on your curb appeal.

1. Quality House Siding Panels

Traditional vinyl siding is crafted from panels of varying lengths, ranging up to XXL for a seamless appearance.

With siding panels, opt for Dutch lap profiling. It’s made to look like authentic wood siding without the headache of sanding, staining, or painting.

Furthermore, with the overlapping design, it casts subtle shadows for depth and dimension on your home.

2. Vinyl Cedar Shakes

One of the trendiest forms of siding installation today comes in the form of vinyl cedar shakes.

The shakes also appear as they were crafted from hand-chopped wood, giving the authentic appearance of eras gone by. You can find them in several styles such as hand-split or staggered.

No matter what style of vinyl cedar shakes you choose, it’s bound to bring texture and eye-popping character to your curb appeal.


3. Vinyl Scallops

This style of house siding is inspired from the Victorian era. Engineered to highlight aspects of your home such as window gables and eave edges, vinyl scallops bring a traditional touch to your home.

While scallops are one of the most popular shapes, you can also find these products in octagon or half-cove silhouettes.

Overall, vinyl scallops enhance your curb appeal while adding a new level of personality.


Bonus: Create Extra Character with Color

While siding comes in all types of shapes and styles, don’t forget that color can amplify the impact of your curb appeal. Vinyl comes in an array of hues, ranging from traditional colors such as white and beige. You can also get contemporary colors which include blues and greens.


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