5-Reasons to Replace those Windows Before Winter

5-Reasons to Replace those Windows Before Winter

Many of us try to hold onto the Fall weather for as long as possible, but there is no denying that Winter is right around the corner. Making fall the perfect time of year to replace the old drafty windows on your home. The temperatures are the perfect balance of not too hot and not too cold, so you don’t have to worry about the problems the heat and cold can bring to an installation. And here at Royal Home Improvement we wanted to take a moment to share Five Reasons why you should replace those windows before winter. Save money and protect your home by getting new replacement windows at a competitive price.

Save on Heating Costs

Over time old windows can become damaged and break down, giving the cold air of winter easy access into your home. This can make your homes temperature impossible to regulate and cause your heating system to work overtime. Replacing those windows before that harsh winter arrives is a great investment. Start seeing the savings on your heating bill right away with new energy saving replacement windows.

Older Windows Attract Mold and Mildew

Those winter storms bring all forms of precipitation with them and if your windows are old and worn down, moisture will find its way inside your home. Snow, sleet, ice, and rain can be detrimental to the windows on your home, and if left unchecked can give mold and mildew easy place to place to grow. As mold grows it can reduce the indoor air quality of your home and could become dangerous for yourself and your family. Protect your family and defend your home this winter with high quality replacement windows.

Nice Weather

Getting new windows installed in your home can be a delicate process. The installers will need to remove the old frames, and possibly repair any rotten wood before the new window installation can take place. This makes Fall perfect for keeping the interior of your home a comfortable temperature during the window installation. Although comfort isn’t the only reason to get your new windows installed this time of year. The weather is also perfect for window installations because window sealant adheres best when the weather is warm but not too hot. While it can be done in other temperatures, fall weather is ideal for most window sealant methods.

Competitive Deals  

Since the busy seasons of Spring and Summer have ended, window companies are eager to fill installation schedules. This means that window installations can get scheduled with ease and the installation process will be completed at a faster rate. Window companies also offer great deals to homeowners in Fall before for the slow season of winter sets in. Making Fall the perfect time of year to get the best value on your window replacement project.

Defend Against Winter Weather

With winter weather right around the corner those old windows can cause all sorts of problems for your home. Over time the weather-stripping around your old windows will start to break down and allow water to find its way into your home. And if your windows have a small leak now it can turn into a big leak once that winter weather gets here. This can cause damage to the wooden frames, walls, and floors around your windows, costing thousands in home repairs.  Replacing the windows on your home is the best way to avoid costly damage to your home down the road.

From all of us here at Royal Home Improvement we wanted to take a moment to share a few reasons why now the best time of year to have those old windows replaced. And if you’ve been thinking about updating the windows on your home then give us a call at 1-800-414-4806. Call us today for a free quote on your new window installation.

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