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Q: What exactly is a replacement window?
A: Our ThermoKing Vinyl Replacement windows are made of the highest quality materials and we are able to custom design them just for you! They are custom built to fit perfectly and precisely in the opening of your existing window.

Q: My windows are definitely old, but how do I know if I need new windows?
A: Some sure signs that your windows need to be replaced are:

High energy bills.
Drafty windows. You can feel air leaking around the windows.
Difficulty opening and closing.
Condensation on the inside of the window panes.
Chipping or peeling paint.
House is hot in the summer & cold in the winter.
Windows shake or rattle.

Q: Will Royal’s ThermoKing windows really make my home more maintenance free?
A: Yes. Our ThermoKing Windows are the highest quality replacement window on the market. You can eliminate outside noise as well as block UV rays which keeps your carpet and furniture from fading. Cleaning your windows is a breeze! Our windows tilt in for access to both sides of the window. No more dangerous ladders to clean your windows! Plus, you’ll never have to paint your windows again!

Q: What styles of vinyl windows are available?
A: Royal Windows & More offers energy efficient vinyl replacement windows in all popular models including: bay, bow, double-hung and slider. We offer a large selection of custom styles and colors to match your home perfectly.

Q: Are your windows all Energy Star certified?
A: Yes, all Royal Windows ThermoKing windows are Energy Star efficient! Don’t be fooled, make sure you look for the Blue Energy Star Sticker.

Q: Will I benefit from your windows?
A: Yes. Royal windows are extremely high quality and energy efficient. You will save so much energy, they’ll pay for themselves in energy savings over time. Your cooling bills and heating bills will be significantly lower. Plus, they add curb appeal and add instant value to your house.

Q: What are the advantages to custom replacement windows compared to pre-made, one size fits all windows?
A: Our ThermoKing windows are made to fit perfectly, therefore they provide the best energy efficiency. We manufacture, install, and guarantee all of our windows! Because they are custom, there are no tiny crevices that allow air to not only escape but to enter the home. Stock windows are not custom, therefore they do not give you a perfect fit!

Q: If I’m on a tight budget, can I afford Royal ThermoKing windows?
A: Royal Windows & More prides itself on offering the highest quality replacement window on the market– to fit anyone’s budget!

Q: Choosing siding can be confusing, what sets your product apart?
A: Royal Windows & More is your exclusive five star dealer for CertainTeed Monogram Siding in the state of Arkansas. CertainTeed Monogram Siding is thicker than conventional siding and gives the authentic look of freshly painted cedar. CertainTeed Monogram Siding from Royal is ranked #1 by Consumer Reports!

Q: Will your siding really make my home more maintenance free?
A: Yes, Our CertainTeed Siding is virtually maintenance free. It’s by far the highest quality siding you will find. If you’re tired of painting your home or scrubbing ugly stains, our CertainTeed Siding is for you!

Q: I hate driving by a house and seeing those ugly seams on siding. Does your siding do that?
A: No. Say goodbye to ugly seams forever. All of our installers are VSI certified and are the only ones in the area to be certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute. They are masters at installing our CertainTeed Siding, which is thicker than conventional siding. This means, you will never have to look at ugly seams!

Q: Is CertainTeed Siding affordable?
A: Yes. Royal Windows & More is a leader in the home improvement industry because we offer the best possible product at an extremely affordable price. Our CertainTeed Monogram Siding will eventually pay for itself in energy savings. It is insulated to keep outside air where it belongs, outside.

Q: Does your CertainTeed Siding come in many colors?
A: Yes. Our CertainTeed Monogram Siding comes in a wide variety of designer colors to coordinate with any color palette or house style.

Q: Is your gutter system really guaranteed to make my home more maintenance free?
A: Yes. With gutters from Royal Windows & More you will never have to worry about climbing a dangerous ladder and cleaning your gutters. Our innovative rain and leaf removal system is solidly constructed and easy to install, protecting your home from the elements with a durable quality you can trust a lifetime!

Q: Why are high quality gutters essential?
A: When old, leaky gutters get clogged with everything from leaves and twigs it can cause expensive and dangerous damage to your home. Plus, rainwater flooding into your old gutters can accumulate in pools around your walls and your foundation. This is an extremely expensive problem as it can cause your foundation to crack. Excess water can also flood your basement and other areas of your house.

Q: How can I tell if my gutters are old and not doing their job?
A: If during heavy rainfall, you can hear the water hitting the ground, pouring over the sides of the gutter, your gutters are not doing their job. You either have blockage or your gutter may not be aligned evenly. Peeling or corroded wood is another sign that your gutters are clogged. This is causing damaging water to overflow and run down the back of your gutter along your exterior walls or into your foundation.

Q: When should I replace my gutters?
A: You should absolutely replace your gutters if they are continuously getting clogged or leaking. Excess water is a serious problem that can easily cost thousands of dollars in damage. Another reason to replace your gutters is if they are old and worn out looking. Not only is this unappealing it will reduce the value of your home. Another reason you should replace old gutters is if they have become bent or dented and are pulling away from your home and cannot be properly reattached.

Q: Are gutters from Royal Windows & More available in many colors?
A: Yes. Royal Windows and More is proud to offer gutters in a wide assortment of designer colors.

Q: Are Royal Windows & More gutters affordable?
A: Yes, not only is our siding affordable, all of our rain and leaf removal products are backed by comprehensive warranties that are among the best in the business.

Q: How much do replacement windows cost?
A: Replacement window costs can vary depending on the type of window, the size and any added features you may want to add. Here at Royal Windows & More, we have a variety of replacement window options to fit anyone’s budget. Our replacement windows can help pay for themselves by reducing your energy costs.

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