How to Make Replacement Windows More Decorative

How to Make Replacement Windows More Decorative

One of the many advantages of new home windows is an increase in curb appeal. Traditionally, vinyl replacement windows are made from bright white colored vinyl. While this option instantly makes an impact on a curb appeal, there are other ways to make them even more decorative for your home.


Choosing Custom Frame Colors

White vinyl frames are beautiful, but there are other color options to explore. For example, you can try a beige vinyl window frame against a dark red house for excellent contrast.

Furthermore, black vinyl frames become increasingly popular in 2020. This color frame makes for an exceptionally modern appearance for new window installation.


Add Dazzle with Decorative Glass Designs

Another elegant and impressionable upgrade for window replacement is decorative glass. Decorative glass comes in all types of patterns and styles for new house windows.

For example, prairie glass is one of the most popular, featuring vertical and horizontal lines that frame the edge of the glass.

Another option is etched glass designs and shapes such as floral. This adds texture and dimension to the glass for a beautifully decorative upgrade.


Pick an Interesting Window Style

Double hung windows are by far the most popular window style in the country. However, there is a large array of window styles to choose from.

For example, bay windows and bow windows add incredible colors to your curb appeal. These are the only windows, aside from garden windows, that project out of the house. It brings depth and interest to your exterior.

Another window style to consider is geometric shapes. These include options such as circle windows, oval windows, and even hexagon shape windows.

Even a large picture window can create a dramatic effect on your curb appeal. Constructed from top to bottom glass, picture windows make a sleek and stylish upgrade.


Get Custom Replacement Windows

Custom vinyl window replacement always makes an impression on your curb appeal. Our experienced team can help you select eye-catching windows that instantly improve your exterior. Contact us now for a quote.

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