Should You Consider Metal Roofing for Your Home?

Should You Consider Metal Roofing for Your Home?

When it comes to choosing new roofing for your home, roof material is one major deciding factor. Metal roofing provides many benefits to homeowners and considering this type of roof replacement is a wise investment.

Metal Roofing Reduces Cooling Costs

While we’re in the dog days of summer, you might be worried about energy bills. Metal roofing is ideal for hot summer days, as they resist solar radiant heat. This can help reduce cooling costs by up to 25%.

Lasts for a Lifetime

Metal roof installation can last an outstanding amount of time. While asphalt roofs can yield roughly 30 years of performance, metal lasts over double the amount of time—up to 70 years.

Fire Safety

No one wants to ever imagine a fire in their home. However, a metal roof is one of the true fire-resistant materials you can get. Metal roofs typically have a Class A fire rating, the highest rating available for fire resistance.

Recyclable Roofing Option

Concerned about the environment? Metal roof replacement is an ideal option for you. This type of roof replacement is made of recyclable materials, keeping them out of the landfill.

Exceptional at Shedding Rain

The interlocking panel design allows rain to easily flow off the roof. This helps prevent leaks on your roof, especially in vulnerable areas such as around your chimney flashing.

Eye-Catching and Stylish

While metal roofing is gaining traction in popularity, it’s an unexpected twist on your curb appeal. It provides texture and dimension that can’t be achieved by standard asphalt shingles, giving your home an aesthetic boost that will have the neighbors talking.

Great Return on Investment

Investing in a metal roof will yield a healthy return on investment, coming in at 61%. Furthermore, it can serve as an attractive selling feature for your home if you decide to put it on the market.

Quality Metal Roofing from Royal Home Improvement

If you’re looking for metal roof replacement for your home, Royal Home Improvement offers top-quality metal roofs with professional installation. Contact us to learn more about our outstanding metal roof products.

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