New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time Outdoors with Sunrooms & Screen Rooms

New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time Outdoors with Sunrooms & Screen Rooms

Is your New Year’s resolution to spend more time outdoors? Whether you’re a nature lover or you just want to enjoy some sunshine, spending more time outdoors is a great resolution to make. So why not consider getting a sunroom or screen room to maximize your time spent outdoors, all without leaving your home?

There are many reasons to consider installing sunrooms and screen rooms this year. Enjoy the beauty of your home and the power of nature with sunrooms and screen rooms while considering the following:

Experience the Benefits of Natural Sunlight

The quality of your sleep is dependent on a hormone called melatonin. It is produced by your body when it is dark and is also the reason you usually get sleepy two hours after the sun sets. In the summer, melatonin makes you sleepy later because of extra exposure to sunlight. This is why it feels more difficult to fall asleep during summer evenings.

One hour of light in the morning helps regulate your sleep cycle. Natural light tells your body when to increase and decrease melatonin levels. The more sunlight exposure, the better your body will produce melatonin when it’s time to go to sleep.

Imagine being able to improve the quality of your sleep from comfort of your own screen room or sunroom!

Add More Indoor Space

Are you yearning for more space indoors? If your current space isn’t cutting it and you don’t want the hassle of bidding outrageous amounts on a new home, consider a room addition such as a screen room or sunroom instead.

This area provides limitless options that improve the functionality of your home. Depending on the time of year, a sunroom or screen room can serve as a:

  • – Workout room
  • – Extra living area
  • – Playroom
  • – Home office

There are an amazing number of possibilities of how you can use this area of your home, including achieving more indoor space.

Enhance Your Home with Panoramic Views

Imagine the beauty of the doors right inside your sunroom or screen room. No longer will you need artwork to improve the appearance of your interior. Along with feeling as if you are outdoors even when you are inside, you’ll also get to enjoy the views of nature.

Sunrooms or screen rooms capture the beauty of nature and the world around you. Your own backyard can serve as a stellar view with your favorite flowers and trees.

Book to Install a Sunroom or Screen Room

It’s never too early to start thinking about springtime projects like sunrooms and screen rooms. Fulfill your New Year’s resolution of spending time outdoors by booking your project now! Hurry before slots fill up on this popular project.

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