Summer Garden Tips

Summer Garden Tips

Here at Royal Home Improvement we would like to take the time to share some of our favorite flowers to plant in your garden this summer. Planting the right flower can give your home the look you’ve always wanted. Sunflowers, Daisies, and Dahlias are three of our favorite summer garden options to give your home that added boost.


            Nothing says summer more than a field full of Sunflowers. As the sun rises or sets on a warm summer day, nothing can be as picturesque as the sunlight breaking across the top of a field of sunflowers as it starts or finishes its day. Sunflowers are relatively easy to grow and have a considerable tolerance to the heat and pests. While opening a window in the spring and summer months can be a great way to enjoy a cool morning air but those windows can also be a frame to capture the essence of that Sunflower patches beauty. Any gardener knows that the weather, animals, and insects can all be considerable hindrances in the overall health of any garden. But we also know there is no greater reward than looking through the window at your gardens splendor and knowing that despite all the difficulties there is nothing like the feel and look of a successful garden.


Perhaps a lawn or garden spaces are limited to certain homeowners and a garden window space is the ideal area for plant growth. If this is the case daisies may be the perfect flower for that garden window project. With beautiful and vibrant color options to choose from, daisies are among the easiest of plants to grow and require very little care or maintenance. These flowers are rarely troubled by insects or disease and generally do not require insecticides or fungicides. They can also be divided or separated if the flowers start to outgrow the pot or planter. With interior shelves, Garden Windows can provide enough sunlight for daisies to fully flourish. Regardless if you live in the city or the country garden windows can provide ample room for daisies growth.


With warmer weather on the horizon it’s time to breathe life back into that garden. With powerful color options and the ability to flower throughout summer, dahlias are a simple yet elegant flower that are sure to make any garden come alive. When planting however, do not water the tube right after planting; this increases the chance of the tubes rotting. Newly planted dahlia tubers run a risk of rotting due to overwatering, so if you are using a container be sure it has plenty of drainage. Dahlias are native to Mexico and are used to warm days and cool nights. So, warmer soil temperature is crucial to getting the best-looking blooms possible. There is no need to mulch your dahlias because it will keep the soil temperatures cooler and could be too challenging for new growth. Warmer soil temperatures are crucial to getting the best-looking blooms possible. From all of us here at Royal Home Improvement we wish you the best of luck on your flowers and we hope these tips will help you have an exquisite summer garden.

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