What to Do If You Get More Tricks Than Treats This Halloween

What to Do If You Get More Tricks Than Treats This Halloween

Tricksters like to run amok, especially on Halloween. One of the more common pranks you might experience around Halloween is egging. This can cause serious damage to your home if it is not cleaned up quickly. Our team at Royal Home Improvement has your best interest (and your home’s best interest) in mind, so we wanted to share a few tips to help you should you get more tricks than treats this year.

While your first instinct may be to catch whoever did this to your home, you should actually begin cleaning up the mess right away. Since eggs begin to break down the paint on your home instantly, the earlier you can get started on the cleanup process, the better. The clean up process shouldn’t be too difficult if you can get started on the damage right away. For starters, wiping off the egg will help to remove the majority of it. Doing so will reduce the overall staining, if any.

Hosing off your home is best to do after you have wiped off the excess. This will help to shower off any egg that remains. You might be tempted to use the highest setting on your hose or power washer, but don’t get carried away – you might end up spreading the egg to other parts of your home that are clean! Additionally, be sure not to use hot water. You don’t want the egg to cook and bond to your home, so cool water is best.

If your water hose alone isn’t doing the trick, try creating and using a solution to clean up the rest of the mess. If you happen to get to it later once the egg has dried, try soaking it with your cleaner to make the cleanup and removal easier. You might be surprised to know that a common household product can do the trick, like laundry detergent. Be sure that if you do use a detergent that you make sure it is one without bleach because you don’t want to make matters worse. Wash, rinse, and repeat as needed. Depending on the outside surface of your home, cleaners and products may react differently. To avoid further damage if you decide to go at it alone, check to see what will work best on your type of exterior.

If you’re having trouble removing the egg after these steps, and your do it yourself remedies aren’t working, it may be time to find professional help. If these trips and tricks don’t do the job, or leave you unsatisfied, let the pros at Royal Home Improvement take a crack at it. Give us a call at (877) 85ROYAL, for your free in-home estimate!

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