10 Family-Friendly Holiday Traditions

10 Family-Friendly Holiday Traditions

Do you remember any holiday traditions that are special to your family? Traditions are some of the most fun things you can enjoy with your loved ones. The holidays always bring back the warm fuzzies when we reminisce on our memories spent with our family. With that being said, we wanted to share some new family traditions you all might want to begin or try if you aren’t already. The holidays are meant for fun, togetherness, and love – and that’s exactly what we want to encourage. We believe in the power of a home and want your family to create these new memories right there in your house together. Here are ten Christmas activities that you can enjoy together this holiday season:

1. Share the gift of giving by making sweet treats together and gifting them to your neighbors. Fill your kitchen with flour, sprinkles, and lots and lots of sugar. Creating gifts for others can be fun! Teaching your family to think of others during the holidays is one of the best gifts you can give them. Allowing your loved ones to see the faces of those receiving a small sweet treat is also a great gift for them as well.

2. Go on a holiday light tour and drink hot chocolate as you drive around. Make it fun by preparing hot chocolate together in a crockpot. Have everyone add marshmallows, whipped cream, and more of their favorite toppings. Pile in the car and drive through the neighborhood, having your own round of judging and choosing the best house on the block!

3. Keep the family baking going and continue the age-old tradition of setting out milk and cookies for Santa. Making more cookies for Santa will be sure to get all the kiddos excited for Christmas Eve and just might get them to bed sooner (Santa will only come once they’re asleep!) Have them decorate their cookies to their little hearts desire with all the sprinkles, icing, and sugar one can think of.

4. Write letters to Santa. These letters will go perfectly with Santa’s cookies. Have your kiddos ask Santa how he travels all over delivering presents in one night, how he remembers all of his elves names, or how he fits down the chimney. Have them thank him for his generosity by leaving out the milk and cookies.

5. Make your own ornaments. Is it the holidays if you don’t create ornaments? Let the glitter fly! Break out the popsicle sticks, pinecones, old and new family Christmas photos, glue, puff paint, markers, and all the fixings. Create a memory to last for years.

6. Make your own ugly holiday sweaters. While you have all the supplies out from making ornaments, go ahead and make your own hideous sweaters. Have any old sweatshirts or leftover holiday decorations? Add them to it. After everyone has made their own sweater, have a contest. These are often one of the funniest memories you can create.

7. Decorate the tree together. Have fun putting on the twinkly lights, garland, and freshly made ornaments. Plus, know that you have made your own ornaments, you can add them to the tree!

8. Create a holiday playlist and sing holiday tunes together. While you’re decorating, dance and sing along with your favorite holiday songs. Pretend you are all caroling together. Make trimming the tree a favorite holiday activity.

9. Wear matching pajamas. Opening all the presents is fun, but it is much more fun when everyone is matching! All of your Christmas photos from that morning will look great since you’re all wearing the same thing.

10. Have a Christmas movie marathon. Compile a list of your all-time favorite holiday movies. Pop the popcorn, make a pillow fort and camp out all day while you binge on your top picked movies. Make this a tradition by adding a new Christmas movie each year.

We hope you find this list the best addition to your holiday plans and can use some of these to create new traditions or continue the ones you already have going. A home isn’t a home because of the way it is built, it’s a home because of the people in it. We hope you all enjoy this time with your loved ones and create wonderful memories together. We want to wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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