How to Avoid Frosty Windows

How to Avoid Frosty Windows

Condensation. It’s not pretty and it’s not good for your home. So why do homeowners see condensation on their windows so often? Well, it could be from several causes. Keep reading to see what could be causing your windows to lock in moisture because the only frost we want you to see this winter is Frosty the snowman.

Is dewy condensation and frost sticking to your windows? Are you wondering why it’s there? Well, we have the answers. For one, a big reason could be that your windows are not sealed properly. When this happens, it is a result of the moisture inside your home and the outside temperature forming together to create the frost and condensation on the windows. This has the potential to cause damage since the frost melts which can lead to water damage.

Additionally, it could be dependent on the quality of your windows. If that’s the case, cold air can seep in through poor weatherstripping and insulation. Cold air leaking into your windows is the last worry you should have this season. All of this combined can wreak havoc on your heating bill so be sure to get this fixed as soon as you can.

There are various ways to prevent this from happening to your home and windows. For one, weatherizing your windows can prove to help reduce the frosting. Doing your part to reduce the humidity in your home can also help. Whether it’s from a long, hot shower fogging up your bathroom, steam from a pot of boiling water, or other sources of moisture, a dehumidifier can work wonders to get rid of the humidity in your home. Keeping a heater in the room that tends to be the victim of frosty windows will also help to reduce the amount of moisture in the room, thus reducing the frost accumulating on your windows.

Lastly, consider replacing your windows. The cost of replacement may likely be cheaper than fixing the damage that has the potential to occur if you leave the problem alone to get worse. New windows can mean replacing them with a higher quality product, thus saving you a plethora of other issues that could arise as a result of trying to stick it out with leaky windows. Let the experts at Royal Windows & More help you solve your winter window issues today.

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