4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Handyman in Your Life

4 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Handyman in Your Life

Do you have a handyman in your life? With the holidays right around the corner, you might be wondering about small yet meaningful gifts for the handyman that you know and love.  As contractors ourselves, we know some gifts that handymen (and women!) will love, finding them useful year after year.

LED Penlight

Ever need a flashlight in a pinch? That’s the life of a contractor. Sometimes it feels as if there is never a flashlight around when you need it.

Enter the LED Penlight. This is a small flashlight, a little longer and wider than a pen, that shines a bright light wherever you need it. LED is a great option since LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Magnetic Pickup Tool

Have you ever dropped nails, nuts, or other small metal items on the floor? This is where the little flexible magnetic pickup tool can make a big difference. When nails are dropped on the floor, simply take the tool and the nails will cling to the magnet. This is much easier than picking each nail up by hand!

Music Streaming Subscription

Think this gift is a little offbeat for a contractor? Think again. During long days in the workshop, staying in silence all day long can feel a little maddening. This is where you can count on a music streaming subscription, such as Amazon or Napster, to provide some tunes. That way, it’ll be easier to stream and select songs that help you power through projects.

Weatherproof Notebook

Contractors can take a lot of notes, whether they are quoting projects for a customer or writing down measurements at home. Either way, your handyman friend needs a place to store these notes. While your phone can work, some handymen are a little on the low-tech side, which is where paper comes into play. A waterproof notebook keeps notes in order as they stay safe from the elements.

These gift ideas make for the perfect stocking stuffers! They are small (the music subscription takes up zero space other than on your phone!) and prove useful time and time again. We hope you find some inspiration from these stocking stuffers. Happy holidays to you and please contact us for a quote on exterior remodeling!

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