Why Should You Consider Specialty Shaped Home Windows?

Why Should You Consider Specialty Shaped Home Windows?

Specialty windows add something special to the home. They offer unique structure to the exterior and make many take a second look.  These home windows come in an array of shapes that are different from a standard rectangular window, such as a double hung.

If you are considering specialty shaped windows, these are the benefits of choosing this style:

#1: Distinguish Your Curb Appeal

If you don’t want your home to look like every other house on the block, specialty replacement windows can offer unique elements.

An interesting window in an unexpected shape can make your home stand out from the rest. It adds character and charm along with function and beauty.

#2: Choose Your Own Shapes

Did you know that specialty shaped windows can be custom made to your home? You can choose your own shape that comes in a variety of styles.

Some examples of specialty shaped windows include:

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Hexagon

There are various geometric shapes that are created with specialty shaped windows. Best of all, they can be combined to make an even bigger display.

#3: Mix, Match, and Combine

Some specialty windows complement each other quite well.  For example, try combining a half-circle window with a double hung window and casement windows, as shown above. This is a truly unique yet inviting window that filters plenty of natural light into the home.

#4: Specialty Windows are Multi-Functional

Specialty windows are beautiful, but they also serve the same purpose as our other energy efficient windows.

Even though they are uniquely shaped, specialty windows are engineered with the same quality materials of standard shaped windows.

Specialty windows with vinyl frames are weather resistant and maintenance free. They will protect your home from the elements and help regulate indoor temperature. With professional installation, you can rest assured that your home will remain free of drafts and beautiful at the same time.

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