How to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

How to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

Like it or not, winter weather is around the corner. When it comes to preparing your home windows for cool weather, you might be wondering how to improve efficiency to conserve heat. This is especially the case with natural gas and electricity prices spiking as we speak.

When it comes to preparing your windows for winter, this is how you can help keep their performance in check.

Check for Drafts in your House Windows

Drafty windows are a major culprit for energy loss. In fact, windows are responsible for roughly 30% of your home’s energy loss.

You can sometimes feel drafts with your bare hand. Place your hand at the window sill, the sash, and where the sash meets the sill. These are the most common areas where drafts will occur.

What should you do if you have drafty windows? You have several choices. One idea is to improve window performance with a DIY approach, using weatherstripping and caulking. However, if the window is otherwise old, won’t open/close, or the locks don’t operate, window replacement is the best option.

Add New Caulking and Weatherstripping

As a small part of the exterior, it’s common to forget caulking and weatherstripping. However, both components can make a difference in terms of winter weather performance.

If your windows are drafty, worn down weatherstripping might be the culprit, which is an easy fix. You can find weatherstripping at the local hardware store and install it yourself. New caulking around the window is also a good idea to help winterize your windows. Old caulking will look discolored or there may even be missing chunks.

Beware of Foggy Windows

What does foggy windows have to do with winter weather? If your windows are foggy and it won’t wipe away, this is a sign of seal failure.

Seal failure means that your window isn’t properly insulating. The energy efficient gases have likely escaped at this point. This means that heat loss is inevitable, even if you try to add new caulking and weatherstripping to the windows.

Replace Old Windows with Royal Home Improvement

Did you know that you can save up to $583 per year by upgrading old single pane windows? New house windows can also yield a return on investment of roughly 68%.

In addition to money-saving benefits, new windows can improve curb appeal along with indoor comfort. As you prepare your old windows for fall, we’re happy to provide new window replacement with professional installation! Contact us today for a quote.

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